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Frequently Asked Questions




Can I order a custom made garment?

You certainly can! Of course this will take a bit more time and cost a bit more moolaye. Send a message describing your desires and let the process begin!

Over time will the print on my garment fade?

During the printing process the fabric is heated to a very high temperature, in result, the pores of the fabric open and ink is transferred into the pores. The fabric is then cooled, the pores close and the ink is sealed inside. This process is called sublimation and has a number of benefits; a wide range of colours can be used in high quality; the ink becomes one with the fabric, making the finish seamless; and fading is much less likely to occur. Please be sure to follow the care instructions to assist with maintaining the vibrant colours.

What's the best way to wash Verdee products?

The best way to wash a Verdee product is to hand wash inside out and to dry flat in the shade or on the line.

Does Verdee post internationally?

Of course we do! Depending where in the world you are postage will alter. Please see our Purchasing and Information, Shipping and Returns for further information.