Photography & Fashion

Where Photography and Fashion Collide

Verdee studies and photographs a range of concepts, such as, landscapes, street art, portraits, city life, cultural identity and abstract. These images are digitally printed onto fabric and transformed into garments, allowing people to wear thought-provoking art and express images captured in New Zealand and around the world.

Made in Aotearoa

We are pleased as punch to let you know that all Verdee products are 100% New Zealand made! Yup!

How do pictures get onto fabric? And stay there??!

Through the use of up-to-date technology, digital printing (the techy word being 'sublimation') creates stunning images that are colourful and detailed. During this process of sublimation, ink is embedded and sealed into the fabric, as a result, garments can be repeatedly washed and dried and continue to look, bright, colourful and detailed.

The Best Digital Process in Town - The Sublimation Process!

Verdee's photographic images are printed onto fabric using a process called ‘sublimation’ or ‘dye diffusion’. During this process the fabric is heated to a very high temperature, in result, the pores of the fabric open and ink is transferred into the pores. The fabric is then cooled, the pores close and the ink is sealed inside. This process has a number of benefits; a wide range of colours can be used in high quality with lots of detail, the ink becomes one with the fabric, making the finish seamless, and fading is much less likely to occur.

What do you like to wear?

Tell us here at Verdee what you like to wear. Get in touch at verdeenewzealand@gmail and lets talk!